8124 Reggiane Fighters

Reggiane Re 2000, Re 2002, Re 2003

Orange • 2023
Autor(zy)Przemysław Skulski
IlustratorAndrzej M. Olejniczak
Data wydania2023-04-10
Nr katalogowy8124
KategoriaForthcoming KategoriaNiebawem
FormatA4, pb, 174 stron (174 w kolorze)
Cena135.00 PLN Cena25.00 GBP

Tekst w j. angielskim

The development of the famous Italian WWII fighters of the Reggiane factory, with radial engines, is described and illustrated. It served with the Regia Aeronautica and other forces, including the Hungarian and Swedish air arms. This book describes the design, development, and operations of this elegant and effective fighter. This book contains: scale plans, photos and drawings from Technical Manuals, superb color illustrations of camouflage and markings, and rare b&w archive photographs. Color photos of the preserved aircraft illustrate all aspects of the airframe.

This is essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aeromodelers.

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