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Hawker Tornado, Typhoon, Tempest V

Spotlight ON • 2016
Autor(zy)Janusz Światłoń
IlustratorJanusz Światłoń
Data wydania2016-03-29
SeriaSpotlight ON
Nr katalogowySpot08
KategoriaSold Out KategoriaWyprzedana
FormatA4, 42 stron (42 w kolorze)
Cena89.00 PLN Cena19.00 GBP

This book is the latest in a new reference series for aircraft modellers called 'Spotlight On' and presents detailed illustrations of the celebrated Hawker family of RAF fighter aircraft from World War II. The book contains fifty colour plan and profile views of the Hawker Tornado, Typhoon and Tempest V aircraft showing a variety of authentic camouflage schemes and RAF markings. Mushroom Model Publications' Spotlight On books feature superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, specially commissioned for the series.


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    Spotlight On: Hawker Tornado, Typhoon, Tempest V

    Published: April 30th, 2016      
    Product Image
    Front Cover
    Author: Janusz Światłoń
    Reviewed by: 
    Frank Landrus, IPMS# 35035
    Company: Mushroom Model Publications
    ISBN #: 978-83-65281-09-8
    Other Publication Information: Hardbound, A4 [8.27” x 11.69:], 52 pages
    Price: $35.00
    Product / Stock #: Spot08


    Janusz Światłoń authors the ninth book in Mushroom Model Publications’ series that presents detailed illustrations of celebrated aircraft (and in one case, AFV).  This volume’s focus is on the Hawker Tornado, Typhoon, and Tempest V fighters that display a variety of authentic camouflage schemes and markings.  A native of Krakow Poland, Janusz Światłoń, is an aviation history enthusiast and military modeler.  He has retired for the Polish military after serving with the 6th Airborne Brigade.  He has a long history of being published as an illustrator and as an author for many magazines and books from publishing houses as Osprey, Kagero, AF Editores, Chevron, and Mushroom Model Publications.

    There are forty-six color profiles of Hawker Tornados, Typhoons, and Tempests along with several top and front views.  Where appropriate, enlarged scrap views focus on unique markings.  All of the subject aircraft have a short biography that discusses the camouflage in British colors as well as the pilots and service history where available.   Although not advertised on the cover, this edition includes “Extra 1 Big Profile”.  This huge side profile is a fold out of four pages and features a Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib of 609 Squadron RAF.  I particularly enjoyed a Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib that where Janusz Światłoń provided left and right profiles as well as a top view and a frontal view.  This aircraft was the personal aircraft of 145 Squadron Leader Anthony Zweigbergk, MP197, and featured a big shark mouth painted on the radiator scoop. Mushroom Model Publications’ has provided a page by page preview at:

    The Table of Contents includes the following sections:

    • Introduction (Page 1)
    • Hawker Tornado (Page 3)
    • Hawker Tornado Mk Ia (Page 6)
    • Hawker Typhoon Mk Ia
    • Hawker Typhoon Mk Ib (Page 11 and 31)
    • Hawker Typhoon TT Mk I
    • Hawker Tempest Mk I
    • Hawker Tempest Mk V (Page 47)

    This edition of ‘Spotlight On’ provides an interesting view into a chapter of aviation history.  A quick search of the wild world web shows that there are plenty of Typhoon and Tempest decals, so re-creating any of the featured aircraft should be of no issue.  The Hawker Tornado is a separate issue since only four airframes were produced and to my knowledge has only been kitted in 1/72 (LF Models 7213 kit of the first prototype, P5219, with the belly radiator.

    My thanks to Mushroom Model Publications and IPMS/USA for the chance to review this great book.

    Highly recommended!

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