Mirage IIIO 2nd edition

Colours & Markings

White • 2014
Autor(zy)Darren Mottram, Paul Mason
IlustratorJuanita Franzi
Data wydania2014-01-31
Nr katalogowy9123
KategoriaAvailable KategoriaDostępne
FormatA4, 312 stron (312 w kolorze)
Cena220.00 PLN Cena45.00 GBP

The best and most complete guide to this topic ever produced. Excellent information about this type for an unbeatable price. Superb photographs and colour artwork to attract enthusiasts and casual browsers. The Dassault Mirage IIIO was the RAAF’s first supersonic combat aircraft, and served as its front-line fighter for over 20 years. During that time it wore a great many colour schemes, official and unofficial, and was adorned with many unit and individual markings.

For the first time, the evolution and details of all these colour schemes and markings is described and illustrated. The colours of this elegant aircraft changed with its roles and the changes in official thinking with regard to camouflage; the infamous Aussie sense of humour added some striking and unusual markings to Mirages over the years too! The authors have researched this topic in great depth, helped by access to official and private photo collections and the memories of Mirage pilots and ground crew. The manufacturers, Dassault, have also helped with information and photos of the very first Australian Mirages. Many of these photos are being published for the very first time, and they provide a striking visual record of the many colours carried by this much-loved French Lady - "The old adage often spoken about many aircraft rings true for the Mirage, if it looks right, it probably is right. The Mirage, in my opinion, was, is, and forever will be the most beautiful aircraft ever flown" (Paul Mason).

Second edition

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Czytaj recenzję

  • Cybermodeler.com • 2014-04-30

    By David L. Veres


    If you missed this magnificent monograph the first time around, grab it – now.

    Australia's first supersonic combat aircraft, Dassault's Mirage IIIO served as an RAAF front-line fighter for over 20 years. And MMP's Mirage IIIO: Colours & Markings superbly recaps the whole terrific tale in 312 pithy pages.

    The late Paul Mason and Darren Mottram leverage official and private sources – metaphorically, mountains of minutiae – for their amazingly authoritative, densely detailed dissertation.

    Contents cover absolutely all Mirage IIIO liveries: camouflage and commemorative, special and spectacular, ornate and unadorned. War paint. Grease paint. Custom paint. FS matches. BSc colors. Standard schemes. One-offs. Zaps. And specs. They're all here.

    Hundreds of pretty pictures – Mirage IIIO photos, close-ups, markings details, 1:72-scale drawings – pack this production. And outstanding color profiles by the inimitable Juanita Franzi will really rouse your modeling muse.

    But don't skip MMP's text – especially extraordinarily interesting, informative introduction. Just see what "adversaries" RAAF Mirage pilots caught in their gun sights! Over 1,400 Mirage IIIs were built. And for the definitive details of Australia's flamboyant few, get MMP's brilliant book – before it goes out-of-print again! Rabidly recommended! I want to thank Casemate for the review copy.

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