The Struggle - ebook

Biography of a Fighter Pilot

Ebooks • 2008
Autor(zy)Franciszek Kornicki
Data wydania2008-03-01
Nr katalogowyStruggle
KategoriaEbook KategoriaEbook
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The Struggle is a very readable account of an interesting life. The author was born in a rather poor peasant family in Poland. Through his own effort he made his way into the elite, becoming an officer and a fighter pilot of the Polish Air Force. During World War Two he was among thousands of Polish airmen who came to Britain to fight the Germans, eventually rising to command a fighter squadron. After the war he was among thousands of Poles who settled in Britain, unable to return to their opressed homeland. He joined the RAF, seeing service overseas as well as in the British Isles. Living in retirement with his wife in southern England he wrote down his memoirs, with his children and grandchildren in mind.

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