Desert Prelude v. 2: Operation Compass - ebook

Ebooks • 2011
Autor(zy)Hakan Gustavsson, Ludovico Slongo
IlustratorTeodor Liviu Morosanu
Data wydania2011-02-22
Nr katalogowy9113
KategoriaEbook KategoriaEbook
Formatebook, 196 stron
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Druga część książki Desert Prelude opisująca działania lotnicze w Afryce Północnej od grudnia 1940 do lutego 1941 r.

This is the second of two volumes providing an in-depth look at the air war over the North African desert in the early days of World War II. The equipment, organisation and operations of the Regia Aeronautica, RAF and French Air Force are described in detail. Possibly the last major combat in which both sides flew fighter bi-planes, it saw the Italian air arm take on the rather sparsely-equipped Allied forces in Egypt and Libya. This volume completes the story, up to the point in 1941 when German forces arrived to bolster the retreating Italian forces.

Many unpublished photos, maps, colour profiles.


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