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Lockheed P-38 J-L Lightning

Yellow • 2002
Autor(zy)Robert Pęczkowski
IlustratorArtur Juszczak
Data wydania2002-09-01
Nr katalogowy6109
KategoriaSold Out KategoriaWyprzedana
FormatB5, 112 stron (64 w kolorze)
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Lockheed's first military aircraft to go into production - the 'fork-tailed devil', twin engined Lightning - was also one of the most famous and effective American fighters of World War Two. Between 1940 and 1945, over 10,000 powerful and versatile P-38 Lightnings were built. This book documents the history of the J to L variants of the plane, from 1943 to 1944 - the most effective and widely used of the entire Lightning family. This was the aircraft that author and aviation legend Antoine de St Exupery was flying when he disappeared. * Rarely documented aspect of World War Two aviation history. * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, walk-around colour photographs and rare b+w archive photographs. * Essential reading for aviation enthusiasts & scale aero-modellers.
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  • SAMI 11/2003 • 2013-09-28
  • Hyperscale • 2013-09-28

    by Rodger Kelly

    New from Mushroom Model Publications (MMP) in their Yellow Series – No 6109 covers the Lockheed P-38 Lightning J through L. The book is both published and printed in Poland, the text however is exclusively in the English language.

    Whilst the title says that the book covers the J through L it actually covers the J, L, M, the Droop Snoot, the Pathfinder and reconnaissance versions of the Lightning.

    The book follows the normal MMP Yellow Series format and gives a potted coverage of the P-38's history, production and employment as an introduction and then launches into a comprehensive coverage of the Lightning from the J model onwards. My bet is that MMP have another book in the pipeline and this one will cover the earlier versions.

    The text is sensibly laid out and easy to follow. It includes a written description of each version as well as descriptions of individual production blocks and a list of what serials belonged to what production block. Line drawings in 1/72 scale illustrate each of the sub-types with larger drawings in 1/48 scale of the centre pod.

    Major P-38 aces are covered in a three-page section that list their victories, awards earned, the theatre/Air Force in which they operated, their unit and aircraft's name. 12 black and white photographs illustrate some of these pilots and their aircraft.

    Following the description of each type there are 48 pages bearing both colour and black and white photographs, in a “walk around” type format that cover each part of the airframe.

    The final 27 pages are devoted colour profiles of 17 different P-38s. 12 of them are given a two coverage that show side profile as well as a plan view of the upper surfaces. Whilst most of these are well known, there are a couple of new ones amongst them.

    The book is B5 in size-240x165 mm (the same size as the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series) and comprises 112 pages printed on good quality glossy paper between cardboard covers.

    As with all of the MMP Yellow Series I've seen so far, it is good book and gives value for money. It not only provides great reference pics to assist you in building and detailing a model, it also gives you an understanding of the aircraft and the differences between each sub variant.

  • IMPS USA • 2013-09-28

    Reviewed By Jack Bruno #25313

    It's been my very good luck lately to review some outstanding products/models and books for the IPMS JOURNAL. This current subject was no different. This is my first review for a MUSHROOM Model Magazine.........as a matter of fact, it's first time I've seen one......and surely not my last. Without getting too carried away with clichés, the product reminds me of the OSPREY BOOK size, with the AERODETAIL guts. Very compact and with a big bite.

    Included in the 112 pages is several COLOR "up close" shots of the real deal. Wings, Tail, Engine, Fuselage, Undercarriage, Cockpit, Tail Boom and Armament are all covered in this in depth section. ........26 pages of color plates for the modeler in us all and History (Development) and line drawings covering the J-L series with the M and Droopsnoot to boot! There is even a listing of the Top P-38 Aces which includes some very nice pictures of fuselage artwork/noseart.

    If you are an aircraft modeler and need a quick reference to help you out with detail for your P-38 J or L, look no farther than this issue. It's that good. Happily, several more Issues have been published with more in the works. Thanks to John Noack and MMP Books for the kind review sample.

  • Modeling Madness • 2013-09-28

    by Scott Van Aken

    Mushroom Model Publications has been doing these types of books now for a few short years, yet each edition seems to get a bit better than the first. If you are new to these books, they basically combine a history of the aircraft, a difference in various subtypes, a walkaround of the aircraft (usually from preserved planes or warbirds) and a superb selection of profiles.

    This one is no different. The title should actually say J-M Lightning as the very late war P-38M night fighter is included in the book. Why concentrate on only the J-M versions and not the earlier ones? Well it seems to me that perhaps there was just too much material for one book. It also seems that with only one known example of the early war Lightning flying, that there wouldn't be sufficient aircraft around for the walkaround photo feature.

    Anyway, the book does start with the usual historical background on the P-38 and then goes into the differences between the variants. This includes information on the recce P-38s. Each one includes artwork so that the reader can tell the difference between subtypes when the difference between them is external.

    There then follows a section on P-38 aces with a chart of victories. There is also a goodly number of photos of the various men in front of their planes so you can see the nose artwork.

    Next there are 48 pages of close-ups and general photos both of warbirds, museum planes, period photos and tech manual drawings of the P-38J-M. While I'd take any colors shown on museum or warbird photos with some skepticism, the photos are well done and very useful to modelers wanting that little bit extra in terms of info for their models.

    Finally , there are 26 pages of profiles. Actually, many of the planes are shown in two view with a closeup of the cockpit nacelle and an overhead of the entire aircraft to show wing markings.

    Overall, another excellent reference book and one that is perfect for the modeler. If your interest is in the P-38, then this is a book that should be on your shelves.

  • InternetModeler • 2013-09-28

    By Ray Mehlberger

    This latest book from Mushroom Model Publications (MMP) covers the later versions of the P-38 Lightning, the USAAF's premier fighter in the Pacific Theatre during WW2. All the single-seat and two-seat versions of the aircraft, including nightfighters, photo-reconnaissance and bombers, are described and drawn, with technical details and lists of serial numbers. There is also a listing of all the top P-38 aces.

    The book contains technical details, photos and line drawings of the P-38J, -L, and -M, plus the F-5 photo-recce versions based on these airframes, and the "droop-snoot" bomber version. The color photos taken in Europe are of the walk-around type. Just about every inch of the P-38's anatomy is covered, including cockpit interiors.

    There are 27 pages of color scheme drawings, these top and side views of each scheme. The side views are done twice, once with the cowlings out of the way (to show the nose art behind) and again with the cowlings in place. There are approximately 50 line drawings of general layouts of the various variants of P-38s.

    The wartime black and white photos include shots of the nose-art on P-38s of 10 aces. There are a total of 23 of these wartime shots. The color photos are taken of P-38s that have been restored and are either still flying or on diplay at various locations. The largest majority of these photos are of the walk-around variety, with scrap photos of every inch of the P-38's anatomy. These are really fantastic! There are no less than 151 of these color shots. These shots include: general views, fuselage, engine, tail booms, tails, wings, undercarriages, armament, cockpits and F-5G shots. Wow!!


    This book is an invaluable reference source for aviation enthusiasts, modelers, and historians. Very highly recommended.

    Previous MMP books from this author; Bf-109E, Bf-109G, and Me-262A have all been best sellers, and indeed are now mostly sold out! This new P-38 book is sure to prove equally as popular.

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